My Budget Valentine

What are you doing this Valentines Day? Are you heading out to your favorite restaurant? Are you leaving the planning to your valentine? Are you doing it yourself?

I hope at least some of you will be making meals at home. There’s something simply wonderful that happens when you show your love by preparing a meal. I mean, think about it. When you’ve received or given gifts that were more than just expensive. Gifts that let you know someone thought and planned to get this thing for you because they knew how much it would mean to you. Gifts that might’ve been inexpensive, but so full of thought and love they’re worth millions in your eyes.

That’s what preparing a meal for someone does. It tells the recipient they’re special to you and you wanted to do something special for them. Ironically, as the ‘giver’, you somehow get to enjoy their delight. Not to mention the satisfaction you experience when you look at the beautiful meal you created.

I want to help you with this. I want to help those of you who may not be full-time kitchen residents come up with a meal that  looks impressive without being too time-consuming, but that doesn’t break the bank. We are in a recession, after all.

To that end, I’m bringing you several items that are interchangeable and will create a 3-course meal for $25 or less. Simply click and follow the links to get to the recipes. I will continue to update this post until I’ve provided you with all the recipes you will need.

Take a look and get that stove going. I will come back to post suggested menus, but I wanted to make sure to get your creative juices going.

1st Course / Appetizers / Soup / Salads
Blue Pears
Avocado with Caramelized Onion Vinaigrette
Spicy Garlic Avocado Soup

2nd Course / Entrees
Bacon & Avocado Chicken Roll
Chicken Cordon Puff
Grilled Lamb Chops

Lechon Asado
Espelette Pepper Steaks
Shrimp al Ajillo
Pan Seared Salmon with Avocado Cream

3rd Course / Dessert
Flan de Queso
Nutella Marble Cake
Poached Pears in Chocolate Sauce
Puffy Chocolate Purses
Easy Molten Cake

Other / Sides / Veggies
Bacon Asparagus Roll
Mashed Potatoes & Brown Butter Sauce
Onion Potato Casserole