Lemon Drop Martini

I’m sorry. I’ve neglected my responsibilities in the bartending department. I know. It’s a terrible, unforgivable offense. I will do better. How about I make it up to you with this little yummy gem?

Lemon Drop Martini
MakesĀ 2 servings; trust me, you won’t be able to stop at 1

3Ā oz vodka
1 oz orange liqueur (like Triple Sec, Grand Marnier, etc.)
2-3 tsps sugar
1-1/2 oz fresh lemon juice (about 2-3 lemons)
Ice cubes
Martini glasses
Sugar for dipping
Lemon twist/peel

Yes, you wantĀ fresh lemon juice. Suck it up!

First,Ā get your glasses ready. I like to fill my glass with ice and water, then I put them in the freezer while I mix the drink.

Second, dissolve the sugar: if you have a cocktail shaker, use that, otherwise a glass or measuring cup will do. Combine the sugar and vodka until completely dissolved.Ā Then add the lemon juice andĀ orange liqueur, and half-fill with ice; shake well.

Shake it untilĀ it feels like your hands will freeze… :-0 Set it aside, it’s time to rim the glasses.

Empty the glasses and let the water drain a bit.Ā Ā Take a lemon wedge and rub it all aroundĀ the edge of the glass so it is barely moist. Pour some sugar on a shallow plate, then dip the edge of the glass into the sugar.

Pour strained cocktail into the prettied-up martini glass and garnish with a lemon twist.