We’re moving on up…

Not to the East side, but to our own private Idaho. Ok, not there either. We’re moving to our own piece of the internet. Yes, we are! I’ve done all the packing, no worries. The movers have come by, loaded the boxes and unloaded at the new location. The walls are painted and the place is cozy, though I’m sure I’ll find new trinkets and improvements to make as we do our living there.

All that’s left, is to have a housewarming. That’s where you come in. Take note of the new address: chefITyourself.com. Make the necessary changes in your little black book, then just drop by and say HOLA!

Can’t wait to see you on the other side!

Cooking elsewhere,


3 thoughts on “We’re moving on up…

  1. marcelina theresia says:

    Hola Anamaris, happy for you. See you in your new place. Looking forward to your food!

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