Top Chef It Yourself – The Winner

Another month, another cooking challenge completed. This was the second round and we had some great dishes, but you, the voter has spoken and the hat’s go off to Casey’s Date and Ginger Couscous Pudding

Last month we got to know a bit about what got her cooking, so this month I was curious about what’s in the future for her and her blog.  Here’s what she’s cooking up:

“The next three months should be quite exciting as Spring is right around the corner.  I hope to have some great posts coming up about getting my garden going, plus I am hoping to learn some traditional Bulgarian cheese-making techniques, which I hope to share with my readers.
In honor of St. Patrick’s day, I will be curing my own beef for corned beef and cabbage, plus Irish soda bread and maybe some Irish whiskey cupcakes.  The international women’s club that I am a member of will be hosting some French cooking demo’s so I am excited to write about learning some new things.   
In April, I will be in be back in the United States, so I hope to be able to sample some great food and find new and interesting stuff to smuggle back in my suitcases!”

That certainly sounds exciting. And to keep our little  challenge interesting, I asked Casey to choose the next three ingredients:

Meat (beef, pork or lamb)

Edible Flowers (whatever is available locally)


I’ve never eaten my flowers…, this should be interesting. Who’s ready for a new challenge? Here’s a little reminder of how things work:

  • All recipes must be submitted by the 20th of the month
  • One recipe will be randomly selected as the TCIY Recipe of the Month
  • Winning recipe will be announced on the 25th of the month  on this blog
  • 12 thoughts on “Top Chef It Yourself – The Winner

    1. Yes this will be interesting to see. I used to get salad mix with some edible flowers at the health food stroe. It was so pretty. I grow marigolds and put those petals in my salad.
      My sister loves violets. Once for her birthday I got candied violets and put them on her cake.
      Have fun.

    2. Hey Anamaris,
      I’m wondering if you know anything about this hot sauce from Panama that my family’s been obsessed with since we visited there. It’s called D’Elidas. It’s a habanero sauce. We’re on our last bottle and can’t seem to find it anywhere. I’m just wondering if you know the sauce, if it’s popular in Panama? If you can get it in the States?
      Also, if I don’t make the challenge deadline this month I give you full permission to humiliate me on your site….or mine. You choose. Deal?

      • Yes, F. Due on the 20th. This month we will select a ‘winner’ with I want to make sure all participants get a fair shot at being highlighted. It’s been a pretty mixed bag of foodies participating, some have been blogging for a while and have a steady following. That makes it tough for the ‘new guys’ to get a break. So…, no voting this time. We’ll shall see how it works.

        • Thanks.:) To be honest, I didn’t expect that Top 9. I wasn’t too happy with that photo. I’m still confused as to how Foodbuzz chooses which posts get to be Top 9. Either way, it was a pleasant surprise.

          If there’s no voting, how does work? Sorry if that sounds like a stupid question.

    3. Christine – I feel that if I alter the challenge, the results will be to varied, for example chicken, tofu, or fish have different properties from red meat, although I don’t think pork is actually a red meat? I originally was going to choose only beef, but felt that some people might have religious objections.

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