I need your opinion

Last week I introduced you to Nancy from Spicie Foodie; she has a monthly roundup for food bloggers to share their best recipe for that month. This time she’s making it the best recipe of the year… a tough call when you consider how many recipes I¬†have posted since 01/01/10.

This left me pondering what would be the criteria for best recipe? My favorite? The creation I’m most proud of? The most popular?¬†One that speaks to my cooking identity? All of the above? Well, I’m going to include a recipe from each of these criterion and let you decide which is¬†Chef It Yourself’s best recipe for 2010, dig it?

So here they are, after going down memory lane, use the poll to select your favorite.

I absolutely love this recipe, it falls under the criteria of my favorite.¬†There’s just something about Al Ajillo that makes me happy.

This one makes me very proud for many reasons. Creativity, simplicity, delicious-ratio, celebrity factor: Mangalitsa Wrapped Halibut.

This was one popular post. It landed me on WordPress’ front page, aka Freshly Pressed. There’s no doubt the recipe was a delicious original, but I never expected it to go viral. Not quite, but work with me. Spareribs with Tamarind Glaze.

This one answers all the questions about my cooking identity, at least I think so. It brings Latin flavors to common American ingredients and cooking techniques from various cuisines. Achiote & Herbs Turkey.

This one did it all. I was incredibly proud of it, I loved it, it was crazy popular and it speaks to my Latin background. Amazing bringing all of this together in one plate. Chicken in Beer.

If you’ll take a couple of seconds to vote in the poll, I’ll be forever in your debt. I have to submit the recipe before month’s end, so I’ll keep this little poll open until Thursday, December 23rd. Go on, do the clicky.

Rock the vote – et tu, Foodie!

So, Top Chef It Yourself Challenge Round 2 is on. The entries are in and the voting has commenced.

There were some flops and vacations and injuries, so only¬†4 entries were submitted in time for voting. That isn’t to say¬†these aren’t creme de l’creme¬†type entries. So take a moment to cast your vote for your favorite. Voting will be open from today until February 24th, so do it now!

Do your voting here.