I’d like to thank the Academy…

it’s happened again. I’m on Foodbuzz’ front page. I’m a Top 9er again!!! All that sweating and freaking out over edible flowers paid off. Not that the mere enjoyment derived from every bite wasn’t enough. or that your kind words and encouragement doesn’t send me on a swoon fest. But you kinda like me, I’m still perplexed as to why, but I ain’t complaining.

But to be on the top of close to 2,000 submissions daily… That’s not nothing.

Anyway, if you need proof, check it out. You can also click on the picture and buzz me around.

Thanks for your support!

On the list!

The Foodbuzz list, that is. I made it on to the Foodbuzz Top 9 list today. WOO. to the HOO! I may have to start asking you to go vote for me, cuz I like the spotlight!

You can click on the picture to be directed to the site or just click on any of my Foodbuzz widgets. Go and vote for me!

Cookingly (and slightly grinningly) yours,