About the wintry blahs

I know I can’t compare Houston’s cool temps with what some of you have to deal with, but I find myself in love with winter and its antics.

See, I grew up in a Tropical wonderland, all full of green lushness and heat. Vegetation, full trees, mountains, these are things that becomeĀ commonplace when you see them on a daily basis.

You forget that you’re looking at several shades of green:

Or that a backdrop like this one isn’t unusual.

I guess it makes sense I would be impressed by the exact opposite. Thus, I found myself falling in love with fall and its beautiful colors.

or with winter and its inherent lack thereof

When I moved stateside, the thing I wished for the most was to experience the seasons I had long fantasized about. At the time I didn’t realize Houston would turn out to be a pretty close extension to Panama’s weather. Except there are no lush green mountains, not much lush greeness at all.

So, when we do get hit by Old Man Winter and the temperatures dip into the 30s and there’s frost on the cars when the sun comes up. Or when I have to wear a jacket to go to the mailbox and when the trees are naked and gray, I smile. I giggle. I do a little happy cold dance.

Stay warm.