Just because

Getting flowers is always wonderful. The pretty colors. The scents. The feeling you get every time you take a peek at them. Birthday flowers. Anniversary flowers. I’m sorry flowers. They’re all wonderful, but Just Because flowers are my favorite.

The Hubbz, MY Hubbz, came home with huge bunches of flowers.

Roses. Lilies. Rhododendrons. All in the most beautiful shades of orange. Gorgeous! That’s why I love that man.

I’ve been dealing with some of life’s difficulties. Unwelcomed realities. Harsh ones. My mom’s health is deteriorating, it’s been tough. Please send some positive thoughts her way.

Oh, by the way, I keep forgetting to introduce you to the newest addition to the Price household. Meet Mocha.

Mocha Java to The Hubbz.

Mocha Loca to me. Isn’t she sweet?!

 Speak of the devil; she’s giving me the hungry look. Gotta go.

Woof woofly yours,