Top Disappointment

The finale is over and my heart is broken. My boy Kevin had an off cooking day and didn’t win as he should’ve. Don’t get me wrong, I think the brothers are awesome chefs, they just didn’t impress or inspire¬†me as much as Kevin did. He has a natural gift to take a single, simple ingredient and make it a superstar. That’s the kind of chef I want to be when I grow up. Hats off to you, Kev and keep pork ruling!


Top Chef Academy

Hi. Cooking show addict again. I watched¬† Chef Academy yesterday thanks to the magic of DVR. Who knew¬†bread could be THAT easy? and the Choux¬†pastry!! I’m in love with that Novelli and I had never even heard of him before.

I’m all ready for tonight’s Top Chef Finale. Kevin’s still my #1 pick, but I have this nagging feeling that Bryan will be the dark horse.

I wish I knew Morse code, then I could send you messages while I’m watching. I love you guys, but I’m not multi-tasking during TC!


Reality TV

Feeling squirrely?

Years ago, I would’ve sworn you would NEVER, EEEEVAH catch me watching reality TV. I felt it was¬† the furthest thing from reality and, IF that was what reality had become, I wanted nothing to do with it.

Times have changed and the Machiavellian¬†machine has won me over. I must confess. I have become addicted to reality TV. My caveat¬†is that I’m only addicted to the niche stuff (I say that because it makes me feel better about my weakness). I’m all up into HGTV Design Star (I think that’s how it started), Project Runway, and Flipping Out.

Then there’s the cooking stuff. Oh boy. Iron Chef America, Chopped, Food Network Star, Top Chef in any of its incarnations, and most recently Chef Academy (looooooooove¬†Chef Novelli!). Do you watch any of these?

Top Chef will be over this week, do you have a favorite? I was disappointed¬†to see Jennifer go, I secretly hoped that Michael V, the youngest of the brothers, didn’t make it. I knew better, though. My prediction for the¬†finalists¬†3 or so weeks ago was this: Michael V, Kevin, Jen.

Although I believed Bryan, the oldest brother, was a strong chef, he just didn’t seem able to get it together. Then Jen just lost it! I wasn’t surprised to see her eliminated this week. Sigh. Now for the finale… Kevin’s my man!

Who are you rooting for?