Coming attractions

On this my blogiversary month, I’ll host my own version of Oprah’s Favorite Things show. No, no. I won’t be giving away a car, not unless you’re interested in picking up the payments for my humpty. I just mean I plan on keeping it exciting, entertaining and fun. I bet you’re curious about the lineup, right?

Here are your November/December listings:

Tips galore: with the holidays right around the corner, I’ll be supplying you with cooking and planning tips to get you ready for the festivities. There’s a twist, though. These tips will be shared daily on Twitter and Facebook beginning today. Be sure to follow me @chefityourself (on Twitter) and Chef It Yourself (on FB). Because I like you so, I’ve made your life easy by providing you with buttons that’ll take you straight there. Now go forth and follow.

Guest appearances: I’ll call this Tuesdays with…, and yes, you guessed it, every Tuesday through December 13th I will have a guest post by one of my blogging buddies. Personally, I’m uber excited about this one.

Holiday recipe makeovers: Starting with the side dish you choose on the poll, I will attempt to improve side dishes, at the very least, get them out of the proverbial rut. This being the Latina-Caribbean blog, the recipes will have some sabor.

Q&A: I want to open up the lines and answer questions you may have about cooking, entertaining, meal planning, Panama, my puppy, whatever! You ask, I’ll answer. Each week I’ll open up a post for you to ask away. As a bonus, a question will be randomly selected and that person will receive a little gift from me.

New digs: Yep, Chef It Yourself will be moving to it’s own piece of Internet real estate. I don’t have set date for this, I’m OCD’ing on layout and the like.

That’s it. I think. That’s it for now. I hope you’re looking forward to all of it.

Impatiently yours,