Where in the world am I?

Today I’m hanging out with my pal Katie from You Are What You Eat or Reheat, remember her? Well, she’s had too much spiked eggnog and asked me to guest post, so I did! Tune in.


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Tuesdays with… FOODALOGUE!

Ok, my bloggies, it’s that time again and I’m excited to introduce you to this lady, Joan of Foodalogue! I really really love this gal, she had me at Culinary Tour Around the World and has kept me for every bite she shares. Joan is part Spanish, Italian (I think), photographer, traveler, publisher, tour guide, chef–the list goes on! The reason you’ll like her, is because she’s an awesome writer, a kick-ass photographer, her recipes are impressive and you can just tell she’s just ‘good people’.

With such a resume, I HAD to ask her to honor me with a guest post and that she did. I’ll get out of the way so you too can get better acquainted.

What is the elevator pitch for your blog?

It’s a well-designed blog by a home cook who takes food to the next level with creative interpretations and finishing touches, spiced with light narratives, photography, and travelogues.

Why and when did you decide to become a blogger?

I’ve been involved in desktop publishing in the workplace for years so it was a natural segue and the perfect forum to meld my passions — food, travel, photography and writing. I began FOODalogue in August 2008.

What’s next for your blog?

FOODalogue has been strictly savory but I’ve recently started to think about baking…something I’ve not tackled because I’m always watching calories. I also hope to travel more next year so I guess I¹ll be updating my I ATE series from new locations.

Who’s playing on your IPod?

Mixed bag of Latin and Soul and some pop stars like Rod Stewart singing the classics. Also ‘zumba’ music for my exercise walks.

Which 4 shows are you currently hooked on?

Only 4? Love most food challenges on FoodTV and Bravo; The Good Wife, Parenthood, Grey’s…(Modern Family, Brothers + Sisters if I could squeeze 2 more in.)

If your job made you move, but you could choose which country you would be living in, which country would you choose and why?

It would probably be Italy or Spain (or some Spanish-speaking country) because of my ancestral heritage and cultural leanings.

If you could go to Atlantic City with any celebrity alive today, who would it be?

Andy Garcia…hellooo, he’s Latin, good looking and played a casino boss in the Ocean’s Eleven movies.

I told you, didn’t I? She’s super chévere! She gave me a choice of posts to pick from and I had a tough time picking just one, but I thought I would allow your first experience with her be similar to the one I had. So, a travel/food log post it is. This one about her visit to Puerto Rico.


I was so excited to see her announcement for the 2011 Culinary Tour, there will be a stop in Panama… I wonder if you can find anyone from there…jiji. These are always fun and interesting, I hope you will participate and/or follow the journey. In the meantime, go check out Joan’s baby, Foodalogue, you’ll be happy you did.

Tuesdays with…, Plátanos, mangoes and me!

Are you as excited as I am about this? Here’s my first Guest Appearance post to commemorate my Blogiversary. I’ve been reading the guest posts as they come in and, wouldn’t you know it? I picked some awesome people, indeed! Not that I had any doubts whatsoever!

OK. Today’s guest is my dear Norma from Plátanos, Mangoes & Me. Of course I was gonna love her, she listed all my faves as part of her blog name! Brilliant! Then I started reading her posts, and I love her wit and her apartment. Yep, I want it. But then we get into her cooking and that’s all she wrote! She brings together Latin and Spanish flavors, she allows us to take a peek in her Personal Chef window and shares dishes learned from her mom and the ones she prepares with her granddaughter. It’s a family business for sure.

OK, enough of me jabbering. I asked my guests to answer a series of questions, except for the first 3, they all got different ones. Let me introduce you Norma.

As I have said in the past you get close to the people you meet through this venue and we end up caring for each other – our little family. You asked me to share one of my posts that speaks of my blog and that it may relate to yours. Puerto Rico and Panama are part of a grand melting pot. We have so many things that bond us through our food and culture. You gave me 7 questions to answer and I want you to know that some were not easy. I even lost some beauty sleep, but here goes:

What is the elevator pitch to your blog? My cooking rises to the top floor of your taste palate or my cooking elevates the spirit. I consider myself a “foodie”. The love of cooking, creating and still keeping with the old ways of Puerto Rican traditional cooking is my goal. Not only will I concentrate on Puerto Rican dishes, but I will also bring dishes from my childhood days in Venezuela, Spain and the Canary Islands. I have travelled to many wonderful places and we will also journey there. Along the way I’ll bring new and old recipes to the table.

Why and when did you decide to become a blogger? It started in February of 2010.  I have always wanted to write a cookbook for my family including all their favorite dishes and what a better way to start than by blogging.  After seeing what my friend, Joan of Foodalogue did with hers, I was inspired and with her help and the bloggers I have met, I am achieving my goal.

What is next for your blog? A change for the better.

What do you order when you go to a Chinese Restaurant? Dim SumDuck – Sticky Rice – Egg Drop Soup with lots of homemade crispy noodles.

Who would play you in a movie? Angelica Houston

What is your least favorite word?: CAN’T

Write a story with 6 words: Mi cocina canta canciones de amor – My kitchen sings songs of love

I am giving you a few posts to choose from.

I ended up picking this post because it ties into today’s assigned tips: setting the mood for a dinner party. This was to be Norma’s Foodbuzz Challenge entry for Hosting a Soiree! I think she was robbed!

I hope you’ll add Plátanos, Mangoes & Me to your blogroll, you’ll thank me for me it!