Johnny, show them what they’ve won!

Well, it’s official! Chefoodie, aka Me, will be skiping¬†off to Marxland¬†with… drummmmmmmrollllllll….

Norma from Mangoes, Platanos & Me


Heather from Girlichef

Thanks again to the awesome people at Marx Foods for this fab giveaway. I’ll let you know what I get when I get it.

I’m psyched! That is all. Carry on.


The Adventures of Chefoodie in Marxland

Foreword: You have to read this using voices for the different characters and narrator. Trust me. You just do.

Once upon a time in a land called Foodietown, there was a foodie called Chefoodie, she was looking for love, I mean, inspiration in all the wrong places. Chefoodie wandered through the world, also known as the world-wide web, searching for the love of a lifetime: new and exciting ingredients.

One day Chefoodie’s messenger (i.e. Inbox) came bearing grand news. She had been selected to join the Foodie Fairy¬†and participate in¬†a great adventure in a far away land known as Marxland¬†(that’s on the interweb¬†again). Chefoodie was happy as a clam, or a Mangalitsa ham, to hear of this great honor. To add to her merriment, the Foodie Fairy had also sent a magic wand that would grant the same honor to two deserving¬†citizens of Foodietown.

Overjoyed, Chefoodie¬†pranced around Foodietown¬†sharing the amazing news and all her¬†fellow foodies joined in the prancing about. Then¬†Curiousoodie¬†asked ‘who will you choose?’. Chefoodie¬†was troubled, because she knew she couldn’t pick just two. Then Wiseoodie¬†said,¬†‘let¬†the¬†Wizard do the picking.’¬†Chefoodie¬†thanked Wiseoodie¬†and was merry again. And a few days later Chefoodie and two foodies¬†chosen by the¬†wizard went on to the great adventure¬†in Marxland and lived happily ever after. At least until the next contest.
The End.

Not quite the end. I got a bit goofy, but hey, I’m super excited! So, here’s the whats. The awesome Marx people are having a party or contest and they’re inviting us. There are stockings being filled, goodies being shipped and recipes being imagined. And, as luck would have it, I get to hand out 2 stockings to one of you.

My friends at Marx Foods have their own set of participation rules, I’m going to mix it up a bit. However, you will still have to participate¬†in the recipe challenge planned for January and submit¬†a recipe according to their rules (tbd).

What do you need to do now?

Leave a comment here telling us:

  1. Which one of the ingredients listed below you’d like to see in your stocking; and
  2. What naughty things you plan to do with said ingredient.

aged balsamic vinegar, natural truffle oil, fennel pollen, bourbon vanilla beans or saffron threads

Answer the questions by noon (CST) on Wednesday, December 15th. You may submit several comments, but they must be for different ingredients each time. I will then visit the wizard and announce 2 lucky foodies who will then receive the selected ingredient and stocking from Marx Foods.

PS: Sorry, you must reside within the contiguous United States.

Fairy Godmotherly yours,