Just because

Getting flowers is always wonderful. The pretty colors. The scents. The feeling you get every time you take a peek at them. Birthday flowers. Anniversary flowers. I’m sorry flowers. They’re all wonderful, but Just Because flowers are my favorite.

The Hubbz, MY Hubbz, came home with huge bunches of flowers.

Roses. Lilies. Rhododendrons. All in the most beautiful shades of orange. Gorgeous! That’s why I love that man.

I’ve been dealing with some of life’s difficulties. Unwelcomed realities. Harsh ones. My mom’s health is deteriorating, it’s been tough. Please send some positive thoughts her way.

Oh, by the way, I keep forgetting to introduce you to the newest addition to the Price household. Meet Mocha.

Mocha Java to The Hubbz.

Mocha Loca to me. Isn’t she sweet?!

Ā Speak of the devil; she’s giving me the hungry look. Gotta go.

Woof woofly yours,


Funk be gone.

Not sure why, but I’m inĀ a blogging funk. Not a cooking funk, mind you, just blogging. To ease it, I took myself on a nature date, which is funny because I’m a consummate city girl. But since Spring is springing, I thought I’d go onĀ a hunt for bluebonnets.

Bluebonnets are Texas’ state flower and they are as elusive as they areĀ beautiful. I think Houston’s weather is too wacky to allow them to be in bloom for a reasonable amount of time, so when you hear word that they’re springing, you have to act fast. And act I did.

After a quick search for the best spots, I grabbed my camera and hit the road towards Burton, TX. Traffic was mercifully light, but there were lots of people pulling up on the side of the road, babies and toddlers dressed up and sitting amidst the blooms. Dangerous practice and an illegal one, but heck, TX is cowboy land.

I found Burton after taking a few scenic detours and was tickled by the quaint little town.

Standing in the blaring sun I found myself thinking how cute it would be to live in a town like it. Of course, I quickly came back to city girl reality and mocked myself.

I saw cute store fronts.

An old railway station.

Beautiful classics.


lots of bluebonnets.

And wildflowers.

Nature’s own Monet painting.

On a sidenote, someone REALLY should’ve mentioned the inordinate amount of bugs that hang out with the pretty flowers. I’m amazed my shots were steady.


If you liked these pictures, go to my photostream, there are LOTS more.

What’s blooming in your neck of the woods?