Reality TV

Feeling squirrely?

Years ago, I would’ve sworn you would NEVER, EEEEVAH catch me watching reality TV. I felt it was¬† the furthest thing from reality and, IF that was what reality had become, I wanted nothing to do with it.

Times have changed and the Machiavellian¬†machine has won me over. I must confess. I have become addicted to reality TV. My caveat¬†is that I’m only addicted to the niche stuff (I say that because it makes me feel better about my weakness). I’m all up into HGTV Design Star (I think that’s how it started), Project Runway, and Flipping Out.

Then there’s the cooking stuff. Oh boy. Iron Chef America, Chopped, Food Network Star, Top Chef in any of its incarnations, and most recently Chef Academy (looooooooove¬†Chef Novelli!). Do you watch any of these?

Top Chef will be over this week, do you have a favorite? I was disappointed¬†to see Jennifer go, I secretly hoped that Michael V, the youngest of the brothers, didn’t make it. I knew better, though. My prediction for the¬†finalists¬†3 or so weeks ago was this: Michael V, Kevin, Jen.

Although I believed Bryan, the oldest brother, was a strong chef, he just didn’t seem able to get it together. Then Jen just lost it! I wasn’t surprised to see her eliminated this week. Sigh. Now for the finale… Kevin’s my man!

Who are you rooting for?


Veni, vidi, blogged!

I believe this is the portion of the game show where I introduce myself, tell you about my plans for this blog, set boundaries (ha!), impress you with my prose. That’s a really tall order, but I will tell you about me and the nervous beginnings of this humble blog.

I’m originally from Panama City, Panama. Way South from my current residence in Houston, Texas. I had the Panamanian version of Martha Stewart for a mother, except for the insider trading conviction. My mami, Patricia, was always the designated EventCoordinatorMenuPlannerExecutiveAndPastryChef¬†for most every celebration or get-together we attended.

She loved learning new things, then experimenting with them, making them her own, and dazzling family and friends with her magic. But she wasn’t happy keeping these gifts to herself; she shared them with my Sis Magali and I, as well as anyone else who asked. Eventually she started her own cake decorating business, she’s a real pro still working an icing bag like nobody’s business.

In a way, this blog exists because of my mom. Because she introduced me to the kitchen at age 8, making me fall in love with everything that happens in that special room. It’s not a coincidence that people always gravitate to it. I hope you will come along with me as I learn new tricks and try new dishes and share some of my own.

Cookingly yours,