2011, you snuck up on me


The beginning of a year brings with it resolutions, promises, contracts, lists and lists. I don’t usually do the resolutionĀ thing, but I’ve been thinking about shaking things up, making myself a bit uncomfortable. Here are some thoughts:

The Personal Front

  • Slow it down and reconnect with friends and family
  • Move. Physically move and increase my activity level
  • Help my puppy with her doggy manners
  • Organize (purge) the kitchen
  • Take non-food pictures every month
  • Read… like books
  • Have a set volunteering schedule

The Blogging Stuff

  • Move Chef It Yourself to www.chefityourself.com
  • Redefine my blog’s direction/purpose
  • Figure out the SEO and social media stuff (it’s a jungle out there)
  • Improve photography skills
  • Foodie networking
  • Interview/introduce new bloggers I like
  • Restaurant reviews

In the spirit of slowing it down, I’m stopping there. How about you? What big plans do you have in store for the new year? I would also love to hear from you; any suggestions you may have regarding changes or improvements to this little blog would be greatly appreciated.

For now, I wish you every happiness and fun and love and good food you can hold in your outstretched arms. Rock 2011!