Bebida brasileira (Brazilian drink)

Dana, I hope this is ok with you, but I’m sharing this recipe. I was introduced to Caipirihnas on a visit to NYC a few years back. There’s this little lounge/dive/bar called Baraza somewhere in the East village. It’s¬†one of those dark, sultry, hot and¬†bothered,¬†jammin’ kinda places. Love it!¬†That’s where I had my first one¬†of these. Then¬†my dear Swinda taught me how to make¬†’em. YUM!

This is Dana’s recipe, with some commentary by me. Say thank you, everyone.

Caipirinha (k-eye-per-reen-yah) is made with Cacha√ßa (kashasah) Brazil’s version of moonshine ; a liquor¬†distilled from fermented sugarcane.

1 lime
2 oz Cachaça
3 tsps sugar, or to taste
Club soda (Seltzer)

First, prepare the limes: rinse and dry the lime. Then remove the thicker rind top and bottom ends and any unsightly blemishes.

¬†Half the limes with a knife and cut a “V” groove to remove the center pithy part from each half.

Slice each lime half into thirds, then half those pieces.

Place lime pieces in glass and add sugar. Muddle (what a great word!)
Muddle, grind, pulverize, mash those lime pieces right in the glass with a “mashing stick”.

Add the cachaça and fill the glass with ice. Top it off with the fizzy water, stir and enjoy! 

Bendy straw and all!