2010. A year in recipes.

The last post was a word-free one. This one…, sorta. Twelve months, twelve dishes. Check it.

January: Those asparagus rolls were very popular, but this one, this was crazy good: Shrimp & Grits.

February: Lots of desserts that month, of course I would pick these. They’re good and pretty. Pretty and good, damn good and pretty. Pears with Bleu Cheese.

March:¬†There was a LOT of food this month, a huge Foodbuzz event for me, that’s probably what led me to drinking. Have a Lemon Drop.

April: Tropical fruits and peeling a mango.

May: I made up dishes with pickles. Pickle & Onion Ravioli.

June: Sometimes you just want some dessert, have some Tres Leches.

July: There was pastry and beef. El Burek-o.

August: My Latina side finally kicked in, Fish al Ajillo, nena!

September: means there’s a lot of grilling still going on if you live in Houston, best Pasta Salad¬†evahh!

October: A close look at foods in Panama. Memories and still trying to figure things out.

November: I shared my yuca-ddiction… Enyucado.

December: I went for the comfort foods. Maczetti!

These are some of my favorite dishes for 2010, here’s wishing you and yours a lot of goodness in the new year.

Cookingly yours,


I’ve been slow around these parts, the year end¬†has blasted through and left me completely depleted. I apologize for the lapses, but it is becoming increasingly obvious that I need to take some time to show myself some TLC. I will keep you posted, though.

Let me share some good news with you, though. A few months ago, Thas over at Cooking with Thasneen invited me to share one of my favorite recipes for the year. Chacko’s Kitchen, a blog by Susan and Abraham, was putting together a list of the 30 Best Recipes of 2010. So I sent them my Asparagus Roll and my little recipe was selected! You should definitely check out the other 29 recipes, there’s a lot of yummy food on there.

The other fun thing happened with your input. Thanks for helping me pick another great recipe for the year. The results were close, but in the end you voted for those scrumptious Tamarind Ribs and that shall be the recipe I submit to Nancy’s blog for her countdown. That list will be up in a few days and I’ll give you the heads up when it is.

Speaking of best of roundups, stay tuned for some more.

Enjoy your holidays!

I need your opinion

Last week I introduced you to Nancy from Spicie Foodie; she has a monthly roundup for food bloggers to share their best recipe for that month. This time she’s making it the best recipe of the year… a tough call when you consider how many recipes I¬†have posted since 01/01/10.

This left me pondering what would be the criteria for best recipe? My favorite? The creation I’m most proud of? The most popular?¬†One that speaks to my cooking identity? All of the above? Well, I’m going to include a recipe from each of these criterion and let you decide which is¬†Chef It Yourself’s best recipe for 2010, dig it?

So here they are, after going down memory lane, use the poll to select your favorite.

I absolutely love this recipe, it falls under the criteria of my favorite.¬†There’s just something about Al Ajillo that makes me happy.

This one makes me very proud for many reasons. Creativity, simplicity, delicious-ratio, celebrity factor: Mangalitsa Wrapped Halibut.

This was one popular post. It landed me on WordPress’ front page, aka Freshly Pressed. There’s no doubt the recipe was a delicious original, but I never expected it to go viral. Not quite, but work with me. Spareribs with Tamarind Glaze.

This one answers all the questions about my cooking identity, at least I think so. It brings Latin flavors to common American ingredients and cooking techniques from various cuisines. Achiote & Herbs Turkey.

This one did it all. I was incredibly proud of it, I loved it, it was crazy popular and it speaks to my Latin background. Amazing bringing all of this together in one plate. Chicken in Beer.

If you’ll take a couple of seconds to vote in the poll, I’ll be forever in your debt. I have to submit the recipe before month’s end, so I’ll keep this little poll open until Thursday, December 23rd. Go on, do the clicky.