My bad.

I hate it when I have to start a post with an apology, but I have to. See, I”ve been a bad blogger. I received an award months ago, (ok, a month ago but exaggeration is my strong suit) and I never thanked the award giver nor did I pay it forward. Until now.¬†

I received the Versatile Blogger award from Thella over at I love, therefore I cook and I was incredibly excited about it. Unfortunately, it came at dicey time, but, ALAS! I’m woman hear me roar and all that good stuff.¬†

OK, enough with the self-flagellation and on to the good stuff. For this award, I am to: 

Dana, please show the shiny award to our viewers...

  • Thank the nominator. Thank you Thella!
  • Tell you 7 things about myself.
  • Pass it on to bloggers I recently discovered and love.

7 things about me you wish you didn’t have to read about:¬†

  1. I am hungry even as I type this post .
  2. I don’t get cold soups. What? Soups are supposed to be served hot!
  3. I love offal. Not all offal, but a lot of offal. 
  4. I’m depressed by the thought that I won’t be able to take my DVR with me to the proverbial desserted¬†island…, will there be electricity?
  5. When I eat something really good, I can’t wait to try making it at home.
  6. I’m a big dog lover. Anything under 45lbs¬†isn’t a real dog, just a doggy sample.
  7. I am cooking show obssessed. Big surprise!

And for the last piece of bitness. Bloggers! In no particular order…¬†

I found this one through Foodbuzz. She was in the Peace Corps and one of her assignments had been Panama. I was thrilled when I found another blogger documenting Panamanian food. Check out Foy Update. 

The Joyous Bon Vivant РNorah had me at homemade chorizo.   

Katie O, Katie. I’ve been following her around for almost a year now. I think she was my first blog crush, but she has recently refocused her You Are What You¬†Eat or Reheat¬†blog and I’m loving every minute of it. Plus, she has¬†several obssessions that speak to me.¬†¬†

Monet¬†from Anecdotes & Apples is a¬†student working towards her dream of opening a bakery with her sis. She also looks like that French actress…¬†¬†

Chuck is a real life chef offering up great tips & food at Pittsburgh Hot Plate. 

Joy at Joylicious lives in Dallas and is a fantastic photographer and puts out some amazing food! 

Stephanie at Copycat is a fellow Houston dweller obssessed with figuring out what your fave restaurant  dishes are all about. 

Jorge is the brains behind Hispanic Kitchen, a site dedicated to all things Latin. Ay Bendito! 

Cindy at Life in a Recipe is cooking up a storm somewhere in Canada. 

Joan has taken her blog Foodalogue on tours around the world. I love her no fuzz approach to cooking. 

I don’t know this girl’s name, but she sometimes refers to herself as She Who is Doomed. I think that’s enough info for you to understand my fascination with her blog, Living Dilbert.¬†

There! I did it! I hope you’ll take some time to check out these amazing blogs, I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy them as much as I do.¬†


Badges and Awards

I’ve made some really nice friends out here in the blogosphere. I think it is really interesting how much bigger AND smaller the world has become because of the Internet. Aren’t you amazed to think that this whole¬†thing got started a mere 20 years ago? HOW DID WE EVER SURVIVE?!! I find technological advances baffling.

I digress. A couple of my blogger friends gave me goodies. Goodies with little strings attached to them, but goodies nonetheless. My first goody award came from RedKathy over at The Essence of Womanhood. She gave me the Happy 101 Award. See?

Cool, eh? Good friends give on to others. They share the love and wealth and cupcakes. And so, the rules for this privilege are to

a) copy and display the award on one’s blog.¬†
b) List who gave me the award and link to their blog (you can find Kathy through the linky above or by clicking the award, if you MUST touch it)
c) List 10 things that make me happy, and
d) Pass the award on to other bloggers and visit their blog to let them know.

OK, a & b are done. Now for C = Happy Time

  1. My sweetheart, Lindsay. It’s never too late when you find a good man.
  2. All my dear, dear supportive and funny friends.
  3. My mom and everything she taught me and still does.
  4. Rice. Yes, it really, really does.
  5. Coffee and red wine, no particular order.
  6. Taking pictures, even when I don’t think they’re perfect.
  7. Cooking for the Hubbs and friends.
  8. Most dogs.
  9. This blogging adventure.
  10. YOU, my dear reader–whoever and wherever you are.

I think I’ll pass this one on to some of the¬†many blogs that make me happy.¬†I’m mixing it up a bit for you:¬†Kitchen Masochist, JB at Purplume, Brooke at Shutterboo, Jen at Sweet Water, and to Jan at Braise, Boil, Bake.

Now the next goody award came from Thas. She gave me the Honest Scrap¬†award… Darn it! I like pretending to be¬†interesting so much more, but I¬†s’pose I’ll oblige her and you.

This one requires I share 10 things, honest-reality-based things I guess, about myself. Then I can pass it on to other foodie bloggers. Doesn’t this remind you of a slam book? Anyway, here goes…

  1. This blogging thing is both exciting and incredibly stressful…, but I love it!
  2. I think it sucks that I never worried about aging because 40 seemed like a long-shot. Joke’s on me!
  3. I am secretly addicted to Housewives of Atlanta. There. That monkey is off my back, maybe I can give it up now.
  4. I can’t properly say the words: graduation, hurricane and was mispronouncing the heck out of Chevy. It’s a Latin thing. I hope.
  5. I want another dog, but I’m too selfish to commit to one.
  6. I can’t remember the last time I did anything even remotely associated with exercise.
  7. When I was 15 and still living in Panama, I stormed out crying during a game of charades when it was my¬†turn to be¬†an armadillo. I didn’t know what one was.¬†Stupidest game EVAH!
  8. If any of my favorite Latin beats come on while I’m driving… I dance in my seat.
  9. One day I want to sell my photographs.
  10. I love it when it’s cold, well, Houston cold. Then I love complaining that it is.

Whew! That was fun in a weird-high pressure kinda way. Now…, who will I bestow the bloggers version of a chain letter to????

I’ll send to a few people I’m dying to know more about.

  • Kate at YAWYEOR, she includes what she calls White Trash recipes, so she’s a foodie too.
  • RedKathy, because she knows what’s the Essence of Womanhood¬†and I’m dying to find out.
  • Casey all the way in Bulgaria.
  • Masochist, sorry for the double hit, but you intrigue me!
  • Michelle with her 5Forks, because I know we like the same dish towels and cocktail, I’m dying to know what else we have in common.

How ’bout that? I finished!