My bad.

I hate it when I have to start a post with an apology, but I have to. See, I”ve been a bad blogger. I received an award months ago, (ok, a month ago but exaggeration is my strong suit) and I never thanked the award giver nor did I pay it forward. Until now.¬†

I received the Versatile Blogger award from Thella over at I love, therefore I cook and I was incredibly excited about it. Unfortunately, it came at dicey time, but, ALAS! I’m woman hear me roar and all that good stuff.¬†

OK, enough with the self-flagellation and on to the good stuff. For this award, I am to: 

Dana, please show the shiny award to our viewers...

  • Thank the nominator. Thank you Thella!
  • Tell you 7 things about myself.
  • Pass it on to bloggers I recently discovered and love.

7 things about me you wish you didn’t have to read about:¬†

  1. I am hungry even as I type this post .
  2. I don’t get cold soups. What? Soups are supposed to be served hot!
  3. I love offal. Not all offal, but a lot of offal. 
  4. I’m depressed by the thought that I won’t be able to take my DVR with me to the proverbial desserted¬†island…, will there be electricity?
  5. When I eat something really good, I can’t wait to try making it at home.
  6. I’m a big dog lover. Anything under 45lbs¬†isn’t a real dog, just a doggy sample.
  7. I am cooking show obssessed. Big surprise!

And for the last piece of bitness. Bloggers! In no particular order…¬†

I found this one through Foodbuzz. She was in the Peace Corps and one of her assignments had been Panama. I was thrilled when I found another blogger documenting Panamanian food. Check out Foy Update. 

The Joyous Bon Vivant РNorah had me at homemade chorizo.   

Katie O, Katie. I’ve been following her around for almost a year now. I think she was my first blog crush, but she has recently refocused her You Are What You¬†Eat or Reheat¬†blog and I’m loving every minute of it. Plus, she has¬†several obssessions that speak to me.¬†¬†

Monet¬†from Anecdotes & Apples is a¬†student working towards her dream of opening a bakery with her sis. She also looks like that French actress…¬†¬†

Chuck is a real life chef offering up great tips & food at Pittsburgh Hot Plate. 

Joy at Joylicious lives in Dallas and is a fantastic photographer and puts out some amazing food! 

Stephanie at Copycat is a fellow Houston dweller obssessed with figuring out what your fave restaurant  dishes are all about. 

Jorge is the brains behind Hispanic Kitchen, a site dedicated to all things Latin. Ay Bendito! 

Cindy at Life in a Recipe is cooking up a storm somewhere in Canada. 

Joan has taken her blog Foodalogue on tours around the world. I love her no fuzz approach to cooking. 

I don’t know this girl’s name, but she sometimes refers to herself as She Who is Doomed. I think that’s enough info for you to understand my fascination with her blog, Living Dilbert.¬†

There! I did it! I hope you’ll take some time to check out these amazing blogs, I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy them as much as I do.¬†