Thanksgiving Dinner: The Starter

Every meal should have a beginning, a middle and end, just like a good story. The appetizer sets the mood and expectations for what’s to come. Consider it foreplay. You want it to make an impression, to tease but not overshadow.

When I thought about the components for this meal, I knew I wanted to incorporate the ‘traditional’ Thanksgiving ingredients. I also knew I would need to befriend the sweet potato, it’s not one of my favorites. You may recall another post where sweet potato was the star, but dressed in different wardrobe. That’s how I trick myself into liking it.

When I thought about a starter for this meal and considered using sweet potatoes, I wanted to remove most of that barely there sweetness and stay away from the common spices paired with it. The addition of chorizo made this soup even more savory and hearty. This soup is delicious! AND light AND easy. You should definitely try it. You can make the components for the cream ahead of time, then reheat and put it together just before serving.

Sweet Potato Cream with Chorizo
serves 6-8

3-4 medium sweet potatoes
1 bay leaf
2 cloves garlic, peeled
Chicken stock or water
Sea salt
1 tsp cumin
Crema fresca or creme fraiche

For the chorizo:
1 large onion, chopped
1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
2 tsps balsamic vinegar
1 tbsp sherry or wine
8 ozs Mexican chorizo
Sea salt
Black pepper

Peel and chop the potatoes before putting them in a medium saucepan with the stock/water, bay leaf, garlic and salt. Boil and cook until tender. Allow them to cool in the boiling liquid before running through a blender. The sweet potatoes will be very dense, you may need to add additional water in order to puree.

To prepare the chorizo: cook the onions in the oil over medium high heat until softened and the onions begin to turn golden. Add the balsamic vinegar and sherry, cook until it evaporates.

Add the chorizo into the onion mixture, making sure to break it apart so it is a crumble. Chorizo should be thoroughly cooked, but keep the temperature at medium to avoid burning it. Add a couple tablespoons of water and cover with a tight-fitting lid, lower the temperature and allow it to cook for about 10 minutes. Adjust the seasonings as necessary, if you find it to be too tart, add a pinch of sugar. Allow it to cool. Remove the excess fat once it cools down.

To assemble: Pour the hot soup into a bowl, drizzle with cream, then drop a dollop of chorizo in the center.

Enjoy! Check out the rest of this meal here.

Cookingly yours,


4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Dinner: The Starter

  1. I have to be at work early and decided to check on my e-mails and now I am reading your posts and looking forward to the next. You have been a busy girl while I’ve been sleeping.

    This is my kind of soup…creamy with that extra touch.

  2. I’m ready to cancel my plans for Thursday and fly to you but, of course, there’d be nothing left by then! I’m starting here and working my way through the rest of the posts.

    Good choice on cocktail ingredients. I bought a persimmon last week to try b/c I’d seen it on a few food blogs. I sliced it open and put a little piece in my mouth…it almost turned me inside out! In an instant, it sucked my mouth dry like someone shoved a Hoover hose down my throat. I immediately threw the rest in the garbage.

  3. Oops, sorry, the other comment was supposed to go on cocktail post.

    Wonderful combination of flavors in this soup – love the latino twist to a very appropriate Thanksgiving soup.

  4. Your soup looks and sounds so delicious. I do like sweet potatoes but usually stick with a plain roasted variety or sweetened. Love that you paired it with savory and untraditional ingredients. I can imagine how delicious the soup tasted. Thanks for participating in the YBR this month.

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