Friday Flashback and an alternate universe

Aside: Something weird happened this morning and it explains why this post is just coming now. See, I dutifully woke up around 5:45 am, put the post together and hit ‘Publish’. When I was at work, I checked in and noticed there was no new post. I looked and looked to no avail and, because The Man has decided is time for me to earn my keep, I couldn’t do anything about it. The long and short of it is, I have a ‘test’ blog, I accidentally clicked on that and THAT’s where this post was. All day, all by its lonesome. So here you go. Pretend its 6am.


Yes, of course I’m looking back at more Thanksgiving goodies. In the weeks to come, I’ll share some new recipes for the meal of excess, but I wanted to remind you of what I shared with you last year. My blogging was in its infancy, but I can assure you my cooking was not.

Maybe you’d like to offer a little appetizer to your guests as they arrive. I love this little recipe which I submitted for a Pepperidge Farm contest. It says Autumn and it says eat me.

Aaaah, yes. The Meal. This one chronicles all the eating. Oh my. I’m so ready for a repeat.

No meal is complete without dessert, right? Especially when it addresses my love affair with Honeycrisp apples

Thanksgiving meal
Sweet Potato pastries
Apple Squares

Fear not, my bloggies. There will be pie. Or something, but there will be plenty more.

Cookingly yours,

4 thoughts on “Friday Flashback and an alternate universe

  1. I love pie especially the crust.
    I pushed publish and nothing happened. It was because I was in Japan and my blog was on a clock 19 hours later. XD

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