Asparagus, for the love of a contest!

I think I messed up, but I’m going with the better late than never philosophy. About a week ago I submitted one of my recipes for consideration to the 30 Best Recipes of 2010 contest. This one is being hosted by 4 fabulous bloggers, Thasneen, Alka, Chacko and Smita. When I received the invitation, I had to participate, you know me.

The idea is to submit a recipe that I, the blogger, consider to be a good one AND one that you, my bloggies, might’ve enjoyed as well. How would I know you enjoyed it, you ask? Well, based purely and scientifically on comment love.

This one landed me on Foodbuzz as one of the 9 featured publishers for the day, so, yeah, it got a lot of comment love. Which recipe you ask? Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus Rolls. Yep. Bacon and veggies. What’s not to love.  If you missed this post, click on the photo for the details. Believe me, you want to.

Now I have to wait in anguish to find out if I made the cut or not… It’s a good thing I’m not a nail-biter.

Stay tuned.

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