A year in posts

I can’t believe it’s November already. began thinking about starting a blog back in September 09, decided it was something I wanted to pursue and in October began to write posts. It wasn’t until November 15th that I went live. So now I don’t know when to celebrate my blogiverssary!

Originally, my plan was to celebrate from October to November, but that was thwarted by life and work. This year has been certainly been event-packed for me. Lots of good things, a number of bad ones, but definitely a year lived. How about a trip down memory lane?

Here are some of the things that took place in the last 12 months.

I nervously hit the publish button for the first time.

I fell in love with pit bulls. The second time for keeps.

I took The Hubbz to my beautiful Panamá.

I discovered the joy that comes from reading a comment from a complete stranger.

I received the most awards and honorable mentions since my school days. Thanks fellow bloggers!

I let my competitive side run wild and had fun doing so.

I reconnected with my sister, even if it wasn’t under the best circumstances.

I made and continue to make new friends all over the world.

Yes, a lot has happened in the last 12 months, and a lot more is coming. I hope you will continue to visit my little blog, it’s going to be exciting. In the coming weeks you will see interviews, polls, holiday tips and more. OH MY! I’ll reveal the surprises one post at a time. Stay tuned.

Thanks for making this year such a memorable one!

Cookingly yours,

13 thoughts on “A year in posts

  1. Mary says:

    Very proud of you. You have actually rekindled my love for cooking – life had gotten in the way of it.

    It has been wonderful to watch you stretch your wings this year. Both your photography and your cooking have become a staple in my world.

    Keep going, girl. The best is yet to be!


    • Thanks ladies. I’m very excited about the year ahead and happy that I have great people like you to share it with. As they say, the best is yet to come!

  2. Jay-lo says:

    Happy Blogiverssary!!! It has been my pleasure reading…and tasting the many dishes you’ve cooked. There a BIG future ahead for you! Glad I knew you before you hit the big time!! Keep up the GREAT WORK!!!

  3. Besides being a good cook and photographer, you’ve got a real gift for storytelling…glad you decided to share it with us. Happy Anniversary!!

  4. marcelina says:

    Congratulations!!! I look forward to your posts, your fotos, and the food, always so good, and you are soooo funny. I love everything about it. Keep up the good work. Happy Anniversary!!!

  5. lifeinarecipe says:

    I am glad we connected through our blogs..your posts are always an inspiration! Congrats on your first year, and wishes for continued blogging success!

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