If it’s roasted, you might as well

make some roast chicken salad!

There are so many variations for this classic salad, but my favorite is from H-E-B, one of the largest grocery stores in Texas. The first time I tried theirs, I was hooked. It is pretty simple really, but the chicken is incredibly tasty because they use rotisserie chicken meat. To that they just add some celery and a bit of hot sauce to spice things up.

Since I had some leftover roasted chicken, I went ahead and used the leftovers to make a similar salad to HEB’s. I added some spice with roasted poblanos and Piment d’Espellete, but you can add or omit at will.

Roasted Chicken Salad
Makes about 4 cups

1/3 cp celery, finely chopped
1/3 cp roasted poblano pepper, finely chopped
Finely chopped Italian parsley
1/2 cp mayo (use the real thing)
1/4 cp sour cream
1/2 tsp Piment d’Espellete or cayenne pepper
Sea salt
Freshly ground black pepper
3 cps chicken meat, roasted and cubed

Combine the first 6 ingredients until well incorporated. Taste it and adjust the salt & pepper as necessary.

Mix in the chicken.

And…, see if you can keep your fork out of it long enough to serve it.

Go on. Serve.

Cookingly yours,


12 thoughts on “If it’s roasted, you might as well

  1. jay-lo says:

    You know I LUV HEB chicken salad!! This is definitely going in my recipe collection! I always wanted to know how they made theirs…now I know. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Why didn’t I think of this! I let my chicken go a day or two too long… but the doggins are benefiting from it. Next time…

  3. cathincolor says:

    Okay…I’m from Minnesota so throw me a bone here. What does H-E-B stand for? Can’t wait to try this salad. I love the idea of Poblano peppers in it. My husband & I have found out this summer that we enjoy these more than a jalepeno.

    • LOL – OK Cath, here’s your bone. H-E-B stands for Howard E. Butt, the owner or founder of the TX chain. But they’re officially called H-E-B. Glad you discovered poblanos, jalapenos are banned from the Price household. This is poblano or serrano territory.

  4. cathincolor says:

    Have you ever heard of a “ghost pepper”? My brother grows them. Apparently they are 100 times hotter than a jalapeno. The hottest pepper in the world. Whew!! too hot for me.

    • Cath, I had not heard of them before you mentioned them. Then, I was watching the Cooking channel this weekend and they mentioned them there too. Spooky! They’re from India, I believe, and superDOOPAHhot!

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