Home is where the heart is

And my heart is still in Panama, will probably always be. My love is in Houston and that is where I live. But, currently I’m still in Panama caring for my mom.

Time is limited right now, and rather than fail my promise to you, I decided to dig through my archives and bring attention to a few posts from the beginning days of this blog. These speak specifically to my cooking identity. If you’ve just found me, there’s a very good chance you’ve missed them. So here goes nothing.

This first one speaks to my cooking habits, those things I do as second nature as prepare a dish. Cooking Un-science.

The next one takes a look at my spice cabinet. I promise you it is much more exciting than my underwear drawer :). Spice Me Up, Scotty.

Finally, shortcuts. If you spend a good amount of time doing a task, you always develop shortcuts. Tricks of the trade. A way to minimize or expedite steps. Here are my Shortcuts.

That’s it. A little blast from the past.

Cookingly yours,

3 thoughts on “Home is where the heart is

  1. ann eason says:

    We love & miss our Anamaris.. I know you are HOME now ..Someday , I hope I can visit your “Heart Home” with you and see it all through your eyes.. Miss you girl. Sending your Mami all my Love & prayers.

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