Summer = Pineapple cocktail(s)

Fresh pineapples rock. They’re delicious, satisfying, refreshing and good for you. They’re pretty too! They make for a healthy snack, but that’s not the only way The Hubbz and I enjoy our pineapple(s). Sometimes we make a few drinks.

We had lots of fresh fruit juices on our trip to Panama, we also had lots of cocktails made with Seco and fresh fruit juices. Seco Herrerano is one of the liquors made in Panama. It is distilled from sugar cane, has a faint sweetness but isĀ overallĀ tasteless, much like vodka. Incidentally, you probably can’t find it outside of Panama, vodka or light rum would be a perfect substitute.

Seco is usually served with fresh fruit juices, my favorites being passion fruit and pineapple. The Hubbz was sold with the very first one we had upon arriving in Panama. Fresh passion fruit that was slightly frothy, almost like a smoothie. But it wasn’t until we made it to BocasĀ del ToroĀ and saw the bartender mixing our drinks that we realized what was going on. She took the peel off the pineapple, removed the core and dumped the meat into a juicer. Then poured it into ice-filledĀ glasses and topped it, quite generously, with Seco. OH.MY.

I don’t have a juicer, but a blender works just as well. No need for a formula here. Glass. Ice. Light liquor. Juice. Stir. Drink. Repeat (the most important step). I really think I just wanted to brag about Seco Herrerano. šŸ™‚

Gulp, gulp,

5 thoughts on “Summer = Pineapple cocktail(s)

  1. Red Tress says:

    Yummy….I just made this and it is good! I used some dark rum and pineapple rum..I put in blender with some ice. The second one I added a little coconut rum. Not bad. I have been on a smoothie kick lately, trying to eat (and drink) a little healthier. Playing with the blender. I have found V8 citrus splash in the blender, with ice, a fresh banana, some fresh pineapple, strawberries, and some rum is a good way to get my required servings of fruit and vegetables…Plus very refreshing when hot outside.
    Congrats on the fame, I have enjoyed many of your recipes!

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