Panama. The shots.

I’ve been slow with this, VERY slow with this. But I’ve done it! I’ve selected my favorite shots: 85 of about 800, how crazy is that?

There’s a little of everything, except for food, I still need to work on those. There are straightforward shots of the sights, a few shots of things that caught my eye and some captures of typical Panama things.

I hope these give you a taste of my beautiful little country. Who knows? Maybe it’ll interest you enough to make it your next destination, you won’t regret it.

Here are just a few samples, click on any of the pictures or follow the link to my Flickr stream and watch the slideshow.






6 thoughts on “Panama. The shots.

  1. Anamaris – I love these. The top one is fantastic. FANTASTIC! I didn’t see the little houses until I scrolled. And I love numero dos as well. I’m heading over to flickr because I’m ready for a photo field trip to the Panama!

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