Vacation over. Sad.

I’m back. I really had a tough time willing my legs to move towards that airplane yesterday afternoon. Why can’t I be on a permanent vacation? Maybe if I played the lotto and won one of the mega bucks prizes I could.

It’s always wonderful going home. I was telling The Hubbz that I’m always aware that I miss home, but the moment I see the landscape from the plane, I realize how very much I miss it. All of it. But now I’m back and I will share some of it with you. Try to, anyway; it never seems to translate quite as well.

Originally, my plan was to share some of the food with you as we ate around town. At the last minute I decided to leave the laptop behind and just plug in at local internet cafes. What was I thinking? The few times I thought about it while I was out, I was too busy taking in the sights and foods. Then when I was out of the city and made it to one, they didn’t have USB connections on the computers. So…, it was a no go.

Over the next few days, I will share my trip with you. Foods. Sights. Culture. Life. I have over 800 pictures to sort through, please bear with me, but I do hope you’ll enjoy the show. Once it begins.

Begrudginly back,


3 thoughts on “Vacation over. Sad.

  1. ann eason says:

    I am so happy , you got to go and take Lindz. I bet he wants to move there now!
    I want one of those sandwiches NOW.. I Love the welcome home cake.. Beautiful. They must miss you VERY much.. I missed you and you were not gone that long! Glad you are home Safe and eagerly awaiting some photos !

  2. I can hear how good it was in your tone. I’m happy for you. I must remember that when I am traveling to take whatever I have with me. I think I’ll have a little Psion without internet access, but at least I can get things down to download later.

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