Eating Out: Panama, one bite at a time

Panama. I know you’ve heard about it. I know this, because there is a mention of this little country in every other action movie ever shot or still in production. I think its funny that such a small place gets so much play. As often as it is referred to, though, people know very little about it.


Puente del mundo, Corazon del universo–translates to bridge to the world, heart of the universe; that’s my homeland’s slogan. Panama is best described as melting pot in which just about every culture is represented. It only makes sense that the food is as varied as its people.

I was lucky enough to have my epicurean beginnings there and now I will be taking my darling husband to what he jokingly refers to as the ‘birth place of civilization’. The joke will be on him once he realizes how true that statement really is. HA!

We will be in my beautiful country for about 10 days, enjoying 2 vibrant foodie areas: Panama City and Bocas del Toro. In Bocas we will be surrounded by beautiful beaches while we enjoy food with a very distinct Caribbean flair. In Panama City, we will eat all my childhood favorites (or so I hope) and delight in dishes from around the world.

We will cover the full culinary spectrum: high brow to everyday staples. Fancy schmanzy to dives and roadside vendors.  Mamas serving food at fondas to a 6-course meal by a Spanish chef. We will visit my mom’s bakery, which has been around for over 25 years and is still going strong. We will get a ‘raspao’ (shaved ice) while walking around town and my mandatory No Me Olvides sundae at La Inmaculada. This is going to be a foodie’s wet dream and you’ll get to live vicariously through every bite we take.

Stay tuned for the food, sights, sounds and smells of Panama.

Impatiently yours,


9 thoughts on “Eating Out: Panama, one bite at a time

  1. ann eason says:

    Well, I will have to learn and visualize through your posts. I will miss my friend , but know you will return soon with lots of Pics and stories and I cannot wait to delight in your memories of your trip with you!

    • @Joan, Jenn & Norma — I didn’t have the opportunity to report as I had envisioned, I guess I should’ve taken my laptop after all (had a tough time making time for cyberc-cafes), but I will begin my reports ASAP!

    • Talya, I didn’t stop in Veracruz, but I definitely had quite a bit of ceviche. When were you there? My last visit was 3 years ago and it is SO different. I loved every minute.

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