Eating in Mexican Style

I’m totally lame, I know this. I didn’t make a new dish for today, to commemorate Cinco de Mayo. In my defense, I’m too busy driving my OCD-self crazy with last minute shopping and planning and preparing for my trip to Panama. In case you have forgotten, the Hubbz and I leave Friday…weeeeeeeeeeee!

Anyway, will you allow me to alleviate some of my lameness with a trip down memory lane? Huh? Huh? Let me call your undivided attention to something old. Something that may very well predate our time together and, hence, be new to YOU. It’s all about you, after all.

Here’s a humble roundup of recipes with a Mexican flair or, at the very least, a jalapeño. You can click on the images for the full recipes. Now grab a Negra Modelo and a seat, enjoy the ride.

Let’s start with brunch: Huevos Benedictinos – a twist on the traditional Benedict. This one incorporated chorizo, a creamy salsa and queso fresco into puff pastry baskets.

The FDA suggests we have 2 snacks a day as part of a healthy diet. With that in mind, how about snacking on some Jalapeño Poppers.

Once you’re ready for dinner, why not try this creamy Chicken in Poblano Sauce. I know I want some right now.

And no holiday would be complete without dessert. Flan is a very common offering in Mexican/TexMex restaurants here in Houston, however, this one is made extra creamy thanks to the addition of cream cheese.

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!
Cookingly yours,


4 thoughts on “Eating in Mexican Style

  1. I toast you with my Corona light – later, it’s not yet 8 AM. Happy Cinco de Mayo.

    Do you ever come across a recipe for chicken mole – the sauce has cocoa in it and is a rich dark brown? I like it very much and am happy if I ever find it at a restaurant.
    Have your best trip ever.

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