Chaaaaallenge!!! Top Chef It – Round 5

I enjoy these challenges, they force me to stretch my culinary comfort zone and I hope it does the same for you. Ultimately, I want to inspire to try new and different things, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Stop and smell the spices and cook a little. OK, I’m done with the clichés, promise.

Last month we got to play with edible flowers, it freaked me out and I loved it! The Kitchen Masochist was chosen as the Top Chef for last month so that means she picks the ingredients for this month’s challenge. I know. I know. The schedule is off. It’s not my fault, life got in the way, but it will be OK. There will be more complications to my schedule this month, soooo, I’m trying to work around it.

For this round the challenge will be open from April 20th to May 21st. If you’re a foodie, submit your recipe by midnight on Friday, May 21st. Remember you must incorporate all 3 ingredients in your recipe. If you’re a reader, you can cast your vote beginning May 22nd.

Here are the ingredients selected by The Kitchen Masochist and some tips when choosing them:

Tofu – firm or soft ( also known as ‘silken tofu’)

Seafood of your choice – fish, shrimp, mussels or clams


Tips from the Masochist:
-buy your tofu from your local Asian markets instead of those fancy or trendy health food stores like Whole Foods. You’ll pay much less.
-Soft or silken tofu is generally used in desserts and firm tofu in savory dishes.
-The scent of fresh lemongrass dissipates the longer its exposed to air, so chop your lemongrass just right when you’re about to use it.

Don’t be shy, send your recipes this way.


4 thoughts on “Chaaaaallenge!!! Top Chef It – Round 5

  1. This will really be a challenge for me TOO, I have NEVER brought tofu into my home. The only times I have it, is when I get miso soup. Should be interesting.

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