What I saw in the French Quarter

I was so happy when I found out our conference would be held in New Orleans this year, even happier when I heard we would get to go. I’d been to Nola twice before: once in my previous life, about 15 years ago and last year for our honeymoon. As much as I missed the hubbz, I still enjoyed this visit immensely.

Sure I had to devote time to evil work duties, but I’m a fun-loving kinda girl and I know how to make time for it. I squeezed some fun and wonderment into this trip like nobody’s business. Then there was all the amazing food, which is no surprise to anyone who’s ever heard about this town. I tried to give you a play-by-play of my eating ventures, but I just didn’t have enough time to do both. I will revisit a few of the meals and share them with you soon.

As luck would have it, last week was the French Quarter Festival. The official start was Friday, but the quarter was buzzing with preparations all week. Check out a few of the shots I managed last week; you can go to the Flickr photostream for the extended version. I’ll get back to cooking soon enough, right now I’m still in a New Orleans state of mind.

Lanterns, lanterns everywhere! They’re famous for them and you know how much  I love a lantern or a hundred!

This is the Pontalba, probably the French Quarter’s most photographed building, it sits adjacent to St. Peter’s Cathedral.

I sat across the square to have some fried oysters and found out some history. Turns out this is could be my building. You see, the ironwork has initials. My initials. AP. I have a building in the Quarter!

The other thing I love about this area are the balconies and courtyards. Next time we get a house that’s what I want.

As the festival got under way, I saw interesting people, listened to some Blues and met a really cool lady. Suzy and her husband have given up the corporate life in favor of one that allows them to earn a living from their creativity. They work in leather: she making bags and belts, he making lamps. I didn’t see his work, but her bags are beautiful. Let me know if you would like her contact information to purchase one or find out when she’ll be at a festival near you.

I’m still having French Quarter withdrawals, thank goodness I’ll be in Panama soon! Where are you going?

French Quarterly yours,


8 thoughts on “What I saw in the French Quarter

  1. Anamaris – these are such great shots! And how funny. My mom was in New Orleans this past weekend too! Heard there was a lot of stuff going on. So glad you had a wonderful time.

    • There was a lot going on. I stayed at the Marriott on Canal, they alone had 8 different conferences going on. They have these computerized, automated elevators. They were a nightmare!

  2. annibanani says:

    Glad you had a GREAT time and bonus’ like the Festival and some new treats too. Best of all you got the PBburger……….Yea! I still wanan be You can’t wait to see pics from Panama!!

  3. Suzy Cameleon says:

    Nice meeting you. Thanks for posting the photos. Trek Salaama = Moroccan for “Safe Travels” or have a good trip.

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