Eating out: NoLa, Day…

This is only the second entry for my New Orleans adventures, I mean work week, but I’ve been here for almost 4 days now. Technical difficulties kept me from giving you a play-by-play, but i will try to make up for lost time.

Yesterday I had an awesome omelette for breakfast at a little cafe right across from the hotel. I didn’t take pictures of it, I’m sorry to say, but it was perfect. Tasso ham, still moist in the middle. Beautiful! And they also gave me the best cup of coffee I’ve had on this trip.

So I thought I would try to top yesterday’s breakfast today. I headed out to Mother’s, a landmark in these here parts. You know how sometimes you hear a lot about a place, then it doesn’t live up to the hype? Mother’s is nothing like that.

I decided against another omelette, even though the menu was tempting me with a crawfish etouffe omelette. Instead, I went for the basics: 2 eggs, grits, biscuits and their homemade sausage. Let me tell you, when something this simple is that good, you know the place is a winner.

Now, I have to walk this off. I’ll be back!

9 thoughts on “Eating out: NoLa, Day…

  1. braiseboilbake says:

    I think I might be willing to give up my left pinkie finger for that breakfast. I haven’t had a proper southern breakfast with grits and biscuits in *years*!

  2. gitanorumano says:

    Just remember that Grits always take alot more water than you think they are going to. You keep adding a smidgen more when they get dry.
    As for the biscuits, remember that your shortening must be as cold as possible when you mix it in.

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