Eating Out: NoLa

Hello my friends! Have you missed me? I hope so, because I’ve missed you! I’m away. This week I’m working in New Orleans. Yeah. That’s it. I’m working. 

The awful view from my room

And since I’m working so hard, I can’t produce proper posts for you, but what I’ll do is give you a play-by-play as I eat my way around town. It’s a tough job, but I’ve got to do it. Some of these may even make it another appearance in a few weeks as I attempt to recreate them. 

I arrived on Tuesday and had computer drama, so I couldn’t start this then. But…, here’s what was for dinner. 

N’awlins Barbecue Shrimp 


Today at lunch I had fried shrimp and oysters. Yum! 

That's just spicy tomato juice in the background.


I will keep you posted as I eat around. Commander’s Palace tonight…


5 thoughts on “Eating Out: NoLa

  1. You know what, Anamaris? I’m actually going to NOLA this summer and I’m fully admitting that we are planning around what we are eating. I cannot WAIT!!! It will be hotter than the hinges on hell’s door but I’m stoked for girls trip!!

  2. Jayla says:

    Be sure to bring some of that n’awlins shrimp back with you!! Boy that picture looks edible! What’s even better is that spicy tomato juice in the background…lol!

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