Top Chef It Yourself – Spring Challenge & Voting


Instead of sending you to another post, I’m going to include the poll here so you can tell us which of these dishes strikes your fancy. Take a moment to acquaint yourself with the fantastic bloggers that submitted recipes this month. Believe me when i say you won’t be disappointed.

Then think about the 3 recipes, how original they were, would you like to try it? Would you attempt it? Then record your vote for your choice. We’re dying to hear from you. You can read the full post after the jump.

Aaah, Spring. It’s beginning to peek around here. The grass is greening, trees have bloomed, allergies have overtaken my body. Yesterday was supposed to be the first da of Spring, but in Houston temperatures dipped into the 30s overnight. Old Man Winter refuses to go quietly; good for him.

Anyway, as last month’s winner of the challenge, Casey chose our ingredients: edible flowers, shallots and a choice of beef, pork or lamb. From reading the posts from those who participated, this was indeed a challenging challenge. Heh. All 3 of us seem to have experienced some palpitations over it, then managed to pull out the stops. I’m really excited about all these dishes, hope you are too.

This was Jenn‘s first time making the challenge, and her dish looks amazing. She made nasturtiums into pesto and infused a sauce with shallots and a mix of edible flowers. YUM! Check out her recipe here.


Have you ever heard of corkwood flowers? Well, if you were in the Philippines you would. That’s where the Kitchen Masochist lives and where she got the idea for her recipe. She seared beef and served it with a reduction from the flowers and Asian shallots. Gimme gimme! For the recipe, go here.


Me?  I had a meltdown, or close to it. Couldn’t find the flowers, not sure if it has to do with the fact that Spring isn’t quite here, or just Houston limitations. Anyway, I got these yellow ones (I still don’t know what they are, if you do, holla!) I used them as garnish because I didn’t find a discernible taste. I opted for dried lavender and crusted some lamb with it. You can see my recipe here.

I had a great time with these ingredients, living outside the box is cool even when its uncomfy. I hope this will inspire you to try something new too.

Cookingly yours,

13 thoughts on “Top Chef It Yourself – Spring Challenge & Voting

    • what are you making? the fritters or the lamb? Email me at a.y.cousins (at sign) att . net and I’ll send you an email as soon as we have the new ingredients.

  1. My first idea was to use a lavander spice rub on the steak. But then dried lavanders are a bit on the pricey side over here and I had a feeling one of the participants will be using it. Thankfully, corkwood flowers are in season and I didn’t have to break the bank for dried flowers.

    • I think the accessibility of ingredients from place to place is an interesting thing. I was reading similar comments over at the Leftover Queen. What’s readily available here may not even be offered in Hawaii or it may be overpriced. I think we manage ok, at least so far. Masochist, I got the lavender from the bulk spices, I think I paid $2 for a 4oz baggie. But I know what you mean.

      I’m really looking forward to the next set of ingredients.

  2. These all look and sound absolutely delicious, especially since it’s dinner time and I’m a very hungry witch right now. I really like the Kitchen Masochist’s creation-beautiful and enticing. Wish i could get some corkwood flowers and some of those awesome looking chives…

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