Mami, I’m famous!

I need to wipe this huge grin off my face. I’m NOT famous, at least, not by conventional standards. I did, however, get mentioned on SOMEONE ELSE’S BLOG as a blog to watch. Is it wrong that I’m THIS excited? I mean, attending the Oscars excited. NO. Being nominated for the Oscars excited.  Practicing my surprise look excited.

Oh, boy!

I need to write my acceptance speech. And buy a dress. NO. Buy a gown. And shoes. And one of those cute glittery bags. I wonder if George Clooney will be the one handing me the Oscar. Sigh

You should check out the blogs recommended, I found some really cool ones. Visit TikiTiki for the full story.


8 thoughts on “Mami, I’m famous!

  1. I can relate, totally. Yesterday my blog was listed on WordPress home page and my hits soared and so did I.
    woohoo for both of us and many more.

    • It is so cool, especially when you feel you’re putting your heart and soul out there. How did you end up on WP’s blogroll? I’ve seen the lists, just don’t know how the blogs are selected.

      • I’ve been trying to figure out how I got on. When I searched in their info section, I found a person saying they inquired and were told WP doesn’t share those algorithms they use. So I dunno. I wonder if it was partly because I had the words travel and Japan in my title and that came up when they were looking for travel posts?

  2. Anni Bananni says:

    U desearve all of this !!! I am so glad you took a “shot” at this and showed the world your “stuff” (thst stuff that is SO AWESOME) and… you are FAMOUS!!!
    You are my Famous friend!

  3. Jj says:

    Absolutely NOT wrong to be that excited – it IS exciting! Just had to send you a huge CONGRATS! Keep up the great job!

  4. Dorothy says:

    Felicidades, mi amiga. I was just catching up on your blog after vacation and a busy week and am excited about fame. I brought back wine from the TX Hill Country so why don’t you tell me what you are cooking next and I’ll bring a bottle!

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