We’re on a roll!

A foodie blogroll, that is! This is sooo exciting! OK, it just shows up under new/recent blogs, but it IS up there! Don’t try to steal or thwart my moment in the sun!

I’ve had new visitors because of the mention. You know who you are. THANKS FOR VISITING! And commenting, I feel so special and important. I would also like to take this moment to let you know what to look for as you visit my window of the world in 2010.  

How cute is that color?!


2010. Sounds momentous, doesn’t it? The preamble to new and exciting things. I will do my best to keep you interested, entertained and engaged. I finally put my thoughts and ideas to paper as I had a pedicure yesterday, hence the feet shot. (In case you were wondering).


2010 will look a little something like this:

  1. Chef School: I will add a weekly post highlighting ‘chefy’ ways. It could be a cooking or preping technique, a way to simplify a task. Exploring sauces and/or cooking methods.
  2. Top Chef Challenge: Once a month, a dish will be inspired by 3 ingredients. My thought on this is to make one or more of them be new or unusual items. Ideally, this will include your participation.
  3. Photo Corner: I’ve told you about my love of photography, right? There will be a weekly theme that has been selected by Brooke from Shutterboo. My post here will include the finalists and the runnerups.
  4. Guest Posts: As I blog around, I will ask fellow bloggers to add a post here. This will add a new POV to Chef It Yourself.

That’s it… for now. I will eventually make some image changes to the blog, but I promise to keep you posted evey step of the way.

See yas around!


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