Shot this!

No foodie entries today, sorry. Instead, take a look at some of my favorite shots. By ‘my’ I mean mine. Hope you like ’em!

This was at one of the main parks in Boston. I exaggerated the colors, but no real editing done here.

Boston, Mass

This was a color shot originally, I applied the b&w effect. I love leaves.

Somewhere in SF

 Somewhere along Hwy 1 around the SF coast. No editing at all.

 Multnomah Falls outside Portland, OR. Powerfully beautiful.

 This still is one of my favorite shots ever. Chairs in a Parisien subway station.

Rusty hardware on a gate in Puerto Rico.

Feel free to visit my photostream on Flickr. Good night, moon!

5 thoughts on “Shot this!

  1. katie o. says:

    anamaris! these are brilliant. i’m in love with the last photo. it’s incredible, yet so simple.

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