Fresh, fresh, baby

I wanted to shake things up a bit, get my ole routine a little kick. So my good friend Anni offered to be my guide for the day. She took me to the farmers market where we sampled local cheeses, gelato and tarragon soup. We spied cute pictures of goats, precocious little girls and hotties! Mind you, I’m a married woman, but I’m not a blind woman. At least not while wearing my contacts, which I was.

I have a few single friends and I had to let them know to grab their recyclable bags and head out to the farmers market. These boys are a) employed, b) motivated and c) cute! What else can you wish for? Fresh produce delivered by a hunky boy, now that’s what I call making use of local resources.

PS: Have you ever heard of a fruit tree called Buddha’s Hands?


3 thoughts on “Fresh, fresh, baby

  1. Cindy says:

    Farmer’s Market! I would love to go on your next excursion. For the sampling, not the hotties. …..well…..I not blind either. Lol

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