Bebida brasileira (Brazilian drink)

Dana, I hope this is ok with you, but I’m sharing this recipe. I was introduced to Caipirihnas on a visit to NYC a few years back. There’s this little lounge/dive/bar called Baraza somewhere in the East village. It’s one of those dark, sultry, hot and bothered, jammin’ kinda places. Love it! That’s where I had my first one of these. Then my dear Swinda taught me how to make ’em. YUM!

This is Dana’s recipe, with some commentary by me. Say thank you, everyone.

Caipirinha (k-eye-per-reen-yah) is made with Cachaça (kashasah) Brazil’s version of moonshine ; a liquor distilled from fermented sugarcane.

1 lime
2 oz Cachaça
3 tsps sugar, or to taste
Club soda (Seltzer)

First, prepare the limes: rinse and dry the lime. Then remove the thicker rind top and bottom ends and any unsightly blemishes.

 Half the limes with a knife and cut a “V” groove to remove the center pithy part from each half.

Slice each lime half into thirds, then half those pieces.

Place lime pieces in glass and add sugar. Muddle (what a great word!)
Muddle, grind, pulverize, mash those lime pieces right in the glass with a “mashing stick”.

Add the cachaça and fill the glass with ice. Top it off with the fizzy water, stir and enjoy! 

Bendy straw and all!


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