Did I mention I love entertaining? I do! I like all of it. The planning, the set up, the preping, then hanging out with people you love. T’is the season for entertaining, for potluck luncheons and parties galore, so I thought I’d share some of my favorites. These are easy recipes, most of them simply jazz up store-bought items, some are completely homemade but still easy.

This spread was for a ladies’ late brunch. I asked a few friends to clean out their closets and bring some office attire for donation to Dress for Success, in exchange for some food and girl time. Needless to say, we had a great time, eating, sharing, dishing and drinking! Take a look at the pictures and follow the links for the recipes.

I hosted this at my little place, see the before and after?


and… AFTER

What was on the menu, you ask?

Avocado Bleu Cheese Dip

Beef Empanadas

Plantain Chips with Guava Chimichurri


Mini Mexican Cornbread

Don’t be shy. Pull up your address book and start sending your evites!

8 thoughts on “Paaar-tay!

  1. I envy you, I will be having house guests for 9.days. Wish you could come over. The first recipe I would do is the corn bread.That sounds so yummy.

    • I’m not sure, it sounds like you don’t cook that often. If you’d like, I would be HAPPY to make some simple suggestions to take care of your friends while they visit. I can come up with some 15 minutes or less treats. Yes?

  2. Lisa Riggs says:

    I absolutely love that table/chairs. And of course your honey’s painting in the background. I need to come see your space. TOO CUTE. And I can’t cook, but you sure make me want to try! I love these recipes. Wish I had the knack for entertaining but that gene bypassed me apparently.

    • That set is from Ikea, but you’d recognize a lot of the pieces. Let me know when you want to come over next year, I’ll even make some goodies for you.

  3. Dorothy says:

    Well, I’m so glad that my BFF loves to cook and share her food with her friends. The avocado dip is to die for!! It was so good with the plaintain chips. I want some more, please…

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