Top Disappointment

The finale is over and my heart is broken. My boy Kevin had an off cooking day and didn’t win as he should’ve. Don’t get me wrong, I think the brothers are awesome chefs, they just didn’t impress or inspire me as much as Kevin did. He has a natural gift to take a single, simple ingredient and make it a superstar. That’s the kind of chef I want to be when I grow up. Hats off to you, Kev and keep pork ruling!


5 thoughts on “Top Disappointment

  1. Mary Lyles says:

    I agree. I *almost* decided not to watch it again – it was that traumatic.

    (oh, I will watch next season also but the frustration peeks through, no?)



  2. Mary Lyles says:

    I started watching it. I didn’t catch it this week but am having trouble understanding the chef.

    He won’t repeat what he says when I ask. How rude!

  3. katie o. says:

    sad that i didn’t watch top chef this season as kevin gillespie seems to be amazing. no doubt though, he’ll do great things. with all the talk here in atlanta, he’s already a very big deal. 🙂

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