Entertaining – Thanksgiving Dinner

We don’t do a formal Thanksgiving thing, we don’t really celebrate it. We just love turkey and having permission to overstuff ourselves, so we do.

This year, five of us got together at our place to overindulge. It was Linz and I, Dodo, Danny and Cindy. Dodo and Cindy are my friendsters-I’ve known them since I moved to the US. That makes them my oldest friends and the family I have here in Houston. Danny and Dorothy (Dodo) have been married forEVAH!

Entertaining should be fun for all involved. That means your guests and YOU. Really. Think about the last time you went to someone’s home, if the hosts seemed to be frazzled and tense, didn’t that take away a bit of the fun? I like entertaining and used to be a bit anal about everything being perfect. These days, I just kinda roll with it and I have to say, I have SO much more fun now. I love being able to enjoy my friends in the intimate setting of my home.

For Thanksgiving, I got some flowers and pulled out the folding table since our dining table is so small. I keep a tablecloth and napkins I bought on eBay for less than I could buy paper ones. Linz and I made the turkey, gravy and potatoes. Cindy and Dodo helped finish the cocktail and rolls. We ate and ate and talked and talked. It was perfect!

That's me lighting candles and finishing touches

Friends are always happy to help finish things up.

The Friendsters rule!

And the spread… Yah, it WAS 5 of us.

On the menu for the day, we had:
Brined Turkey with Gravy
Pesto Rolls
Cranberry Cooler
Mashed Potatoes
with Onion Butter Sauce
Cindy’s Traditional Green Bean Casserole
Dodo’s Cornbread Dressing
Dodo’s Strawberry Pizza Pie (aka MY favorite dessert in the world!)

Thanks go to Dodo and Cindy for being photographers on this day. Thanks chicas!

One thought on “Entertaining – Thanksgiving Dinner

  1. Dorothy Martinez says:

    It WAS perfect. I ate until my tummy hurt. Good friends. Good food. Good drink. Good time. ¡Muchisimas Gracias!

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